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Topology symposium,
Bergen, June 10-11, 2010

Picture of the conference dinner

As a part of the NRC project "Topology" a symposium will be arranged in Bergen, June 10 and 11, 2010.

We have collected some practical information about the conference (refund form). The most important part being that all talks will be held at VilVite (Bergen Science Center).

We will start on Thursday around 11 AM, and the last lecture on Friday ends around 3 PM, so that participants from Copenhagen, Trondhjem and Oslo can reach same-day flights if they prefer.


Thursday June 10 Friday June 11
 10:30-11:00 Welcome
 08:30-09:20 Spitzweck
 11:00-11:50 Pedersen  09:45-10:35 Baker
 12:00-12:50 Rognes  10:45-11:35 Ayala
 13:00-14:00 Lunch  11:45-12:35 Hepworth
 14:00-14:50 Ausoni  12:45-13:45 Lunch
 15:00-15:50 Shamir  13:45-14:35 Madsen
 16:30-17:20 Møller  

  • Christian Ausoni, Münster: Topological Hochschild homology of complex K-theory.
  • David Ayala, København: Singular field theories.
  • Andrew Baker, Glasgow: Lubin-Tate spectra, classifying spaces and Galois theory.
  • Richard Hepworth, København: Groups, Discs and Cacti.
  • Ib Madsen, København: Symplectic K-theory.
  • Jesper Michael Møller, København: Relaxed colorings of simplicial complexes.
  • Erik Kjær Pedersen, København: Cocompact actions on a Sphere cross Euclidean space and Dihedral subgroups.
  • John Rognes, Oslo: Motivic complexes and the rank filtration.
  • Shoham Shamir, Bergen: A colocalization spectral sequence.
  • Markus Spitzweck, Oslo: Derived motivic fundamental groups.



Please order your tickets asap. Hotels are hard to come by in Bergen at this time. We have reserved some rooms at Strand Hotel. If you want to take advantage of this, send a mail to Morten Brun by May 1st, telling us what nights you need a room for.

If you are coming, but do not require a hotel, please notify us anyhow to help us plan.


If you would like to participate, or want more information, please write to Morten Brun.

For those promised travel reimbursements: send the standard reimbursement form along with your tickets etc. to
Dagfinn Høyberg,
Department of Mathematics
University of Bergen
Postboks 7803
N-5020 BERGEN.
Marked "Topology symposium 2010"

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